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Fastener of international of 2008 lukewarm cities, bedspring reachs manufacturin
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Show time: 2008Year3Month14-16Day location: Lukewarm city international exhibition center

One: Market background

Industry of lukewarm city fastener is passed30Old development, had formed a huge industrial community at present. Proprietor of an enterprise of lukewarm city fastener should be produced and manage bolt of all sorts of bolt, nut, machine, smooth mat, leap mat, dry wall hammer, attack a hammer oneself, get hammer, Mu Luo oneself bolt of hammer, furniture, beaverboard hammer, rivet, back-up ring, bearing pin, smooth key, bedspring and blame mark, breed is various, norms is all ready, executive standard contains a lid standard of the international inside mark of GB, heart, beautiful mark, flower mark, day bid, bay mark, the various states waiting for a department, production value takes the throughout the country 1/3. Be not mark fastener to occupy home market portion to amount to among them70% , It is the whole nation the biggest surprise that be not mark manufacturing base. The fastener that market of lukewarm city fastener is ideal of domestic and international travelling merchant more purchases the market.

2006Year business of lukewarm city fastener is close1000The home, Achieve sale132100 million yuan, Exit is achieved collect2586-727379968 dollars,
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