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Exhibition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 9th Chi
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Exhibition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 9th China

Fastener, bedspring and special equipment are exhibited - - conference of international of 24-26 day Chongqing exhibited a center in April 2008 (Na Ping)

April 24-26, 2008Chongqing Int ' L Convention&Exhibition Center

Industry of □ of forum of high level of CIO of informatization of manufacturing industry of □ of forum of development of □ new-style industrialization designs innovation forum

News briefing of news of project of □ major equipment □ enterprise is converse purchase form a complete set promotion of □ new technology, can new product, new technology is met

Express gratitude unit: Electromechanical of city of Chongqing of society of machinist Cheng of China of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference accuses (group) company

Project of car of China of government of Chongqing city people learns chamber of commerce of Electromechanical of hardware of Chongqing city total chamber of commerce

Sponsor an unit: Machinist Cheng of city of Chongqing of association of science and technology learns

Undertake unit: Wo Dezhan of Chongqing of ministry of exhibition of society of Chongqing city machinist Cheng sees limited company (Chongqing can exhibit 10 strong companies)

Beijing collects couplet to exhibit limited company Chongqing to collect couplet to show service limited company
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