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The 3rd 2008 China too lake international fastener
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Conference program: Report for duty cloth exhibits: 2008Year9Month15-16Day Showpiece time: 28 years in September 17-20 day Opening time: On September 17, 2008 9:30 Remove extend time: 2008Year9Month20Day12:00
Limits of item on display: Facilities of special production treatment reachs 〓 fastener fittings kind: The machinery such as the cold Dui machine, rub silk machine, rub tooth machine, nob machine, Zhan tooth machine, machine that attack a tooth, cold extrusion machine, machine rolling silk, machine that make a hammer, machine that make bid;
〓 fastener and join produce class: Column of nut, bolt, bolt, rivet, snail, gasket, fastener. Combination with join reach relevant product;
〓 bedspring makes technology and equipment: Aircraft of muller of machine of computer bedspring production machine, computer stage clip, bedspring machine, bedspring, curved route, roll reed machine, grind machine, board reed to quench machine, roll the of all kinds and special device such as equipment of bolus of rolling mill of earphone, board reed, gush;
Testing instrument of 〓 of all kinds bedspring reachs device: Machine of bedspring experiment machine, the experiment that twist reed, material experiment machine, sclerometer, bedspring is pulled control experiment machine, energy of life bear of machine of machine of equipment of equipment of characteristic experiment machine, cold hot test, anticorrosive function test, board reed experiment, fatigue experiment, bedspring is grading machine, polisher;
〓 bedspring is relevant goods: Bedspring of bedspring of car bedspring, autocycle bedspring, spiracle bedspring, clutch bedspring, damping spring, oil pump, high temperature bedspring, mould bedspring, hydraulic pressure pillar, heat coils bedspring of form of bedspring, leaf spring, dish, clockwork spring bedspring, different bedspring;
〓 bedspring and fastener production use raw material of form a complete set: The special material such as material of wire, special steel, stainless steel, plank, canal. 〓 machinery uses oil: Screw cap of cold Dui oil, screw shapes screw cap of screw of oily, stainless steel shapes oil, screw cap shapes attack a tooth special oilGinseng exhibit expense: ◆ international standard is exhibited--9Square metre (3m×3m)Domestic company: 5800Yuan RMB / exhibitCourse of study of condition foreign enterprise: 1500Dollar / exhibit (the standard exhibits a charge to include: Exhibit a field, 2.5RiceWeak desk of tall wainscot, be in harmony a piece, chair 2 pieces, carpet extends written language of card of an illume, lintel) ◆ exhibits empty space(empty space is least hire36Square metre)Domestic company:
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