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Drive of motivation of the 10th international and control technology exhibit Chi
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And general component and bearing make international machine equipment exhibition (SPTC)

Time: 2008Year4Month9-12Day Place: Shenyang international exhibition center

The corresponding period is held: NIIE 2008 China is northeast exposition of industry of the 11st international

Sponsor an unit:

Shenyang city equipment makes guild

Northward industry and commerce shows limited company

Support an unit:

Liaoning saves automation to learn

Liaoning saves fluid drive and control society

Drive of Shenyang city fluid and control learn

Jilin saves automation to learn

Heilongjiang saves automation to learn

Liaoning saves power limited company

Shenyang north traffic weighs industry group limited company

Flower in trade association

Shenyang air-blower (group) limited company

Shenyang machine tool (group) finite liability company

Industry of one boat Shenyang aircraft (group) limited company

Become electrical engineering especially limited company of Shenyang transformer group

North weighs industry group limited company

Inc. of Shenyang electric machinery

Shenyang limited company of 31 heavy equipment

Engine of Shenyang dawn aviation (group) finite liability company

Austrian federal chamber of commerce

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