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"2008 China are northeast drive of motivation of the 10th international and cont
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By Shenyang equipment production guild is sponsorred, northward industry and commerce exhibits limited company to undertake, and get know clearly northeast 3 provinces more than 60 relevant guild, unit supports energetically " 2008 China are northeast drive of motivation of the 10th international and control technology exhibition " will in April 2008 9-12 day is held at Shenyang international exhibition center.

Well-known, carry out as the development that promotes strategy of base of northeast old industry, coruscate of base of northeast old industry gives new energy, northeast area evolution presents a good development state. On August 2, 2007, the State Council is formal give an official " northeast area promotes a program " , the requirement tries hard to make northeast area construction economic integration develop the important economy with higher level to increase extent, northeast area construction becomes the state such as the base of equipment manufacturing industry that has international competition ability 4 large base. Revitalize the strategy of base of northeast old industry, the target is base of the equipment manufacturing industry of a northeast building China and even world and raw material industry. Northeast will become afterwards " bead trigonometry " , " long triangle " and " Beijing triangle " later Chinese inland economy grows the 4th extremely. This area of northeast of official written reply to a subordinate body revitalizes the State Council program, will realize the impetus with powerful infuse of this one target for northeast. Shenyang will plan the old industrial district of 265 square kilometer, shenyang city is mean the core region that makes it and Tie Xixin division progress of prospective Shenyang industry. Here setting falls, pattern of 2008 northeast machine tools, industry is exhibited accumulate containing infinite business chance.

As dimensions of northeast area spring the professional motivation drive with the biggest, the most powerful force and control technology are exhibited meeting, initiative cloth enrols trade news to begin to be paid close attention to extensively, numerous master company signs up in succession ginseng exhibit, will exhibit newest product.

▪Boreal capital heart: Will reveal pump of hydraulic pressure a powerful person, force plunger, motor, cast to wait;
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