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Morning paper of international metal market
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LME market reports---Period copper drops to a month low, the market worries about American economy and credit market situation

London metal bourse (week of LME) period copper drops to a month low, the market is mixed to increasingly exasperate United States economy the usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price that the concern of credit market situation causes capital of pair of Gao Feng risk.

LME3 lunar period copper receives a reply every tons 7, 760 dollars, last week 5 end dish newspaper 7, 860. A bit inchoate now copper ever touched since September 19 lowest 7, 665. JP analyst Michael Jansen weighs Morgan, "Two traded in the past day risk detested a mood to be occupied in the market windward. "Two traded in the past day risk detested a mood to be occupied in the market windward..

Lead of 3 lunar period is sufferred in basic metal market cast pressure. Drop greatly for a time now 5% to 3, 520 dollars, ultimate reply 3, 570. Last week 5 end dish newspaper 3, 705. From September LME lead inventory increases even more since the bottom 70% , to 36, 450 tons, the consumption that can satisfy the whole world two days almost.

LME copper inventory increases this month 2, 150 tons, to 151, 100 tons, amplitude is about 15% . Current inventory enough satisfies the whole world to make an appointment with the 3 consumption of the day.

Aluminium of 3 lunar period drops to 2, 530 dollars, last week 5 receive a reply 2, 558, zinc of 3 lunar period falls to 2, 880 dollars, last week 5 newspapers 2, 955.

Stannum of 3 lunar period signs up for 16, 200/16, 250 dollars, zhou Wu signs up for 16, 300, nickel of 3 lunar period glides to 31, 750 dollars, last week 5 receive a reply 32, 200/32, 250.

COMEX market reports---Period copper receives Wu Wuzhou low, enlarge early days to drop situation

Exchange of futures of new York commodity (week of COMEX) period copper receives Wu Wuzhou minimum, enlarge what pullback bit higher from 5 months to drop situation, and all fronts of commodity of be involved in is cast dish in.

Precious metal of Integrated Brokerage Services trades director Frank McGhee says, "Come on the whole say the market is shown super- buy a situation, emerging at present gain profit finish is cast dish. Emerging at present gain profit finish is cast dish..

COMEX3 lunar period copper closes low 6.5 cent, sign up for every pound 3.4865 dollars, for lowest closes since September 18, dish in hand in cast interval to upright at 3.45 to 3.543 dollars. Beforehand appraise clinchs a deal the quantity is 15, 975, almost last week 5 8, 076 clinch a deal double of the quantity.

The fluctuation of macroscopical economy environment reachs the near future uncertainty rises, make what personage of a few markets oppugns commodity go up situation whether nearing end. Aggravation of global economic atmosphere and London metal bourse (LME) stock rises continuously, it is congenial guest it seems that make empty matter back after in great quantities.
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