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Luck of the 2nd 2007 Zhejiang installs fastener, bedspring and equipment to exhi
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The corresponding period holds luck of the 2nd 2007 Zhejiang to install device of machine tool die to exhibit Time: 13-15 day ground nodded in October 2007: Luck installs city sports center exhibition hall (lucky lake road) Market background: How is luck located in Zhejiang to save southeast coastal, it is famous city of culture of the manufacturing industry base with main Zhejiang, history and Wen Zhou city of center of the ala austral metropolitan area. How does luck serve asHow does luck serve asLukewarm city modeLukewarm city modemain birthplace, market mechanism is agile, civilian battalion economy developeds, formed steam rub fittings, mechanical electron, plastic pack presswork pharmacy machinery, shoe kind, the industry of 6 big pillar such as dress of careful chemical industry, spin, the steam that is national level rub deserve to produce base, Base of plastic film property, presswork pack reach base of produce and sale of medical machinery whole nation, whole nation's famed careful chemical industry to produce base, formed the industry dimensions advantage that has stronger competition capacity and advantage of industrial form a complete set. 2005Year whole town gross domestic product270Many yuan. Previous term or session exhibits meeting success to hold, got broad ginseng exhibits business and the sufficient affirmation that purchase business. Got good benefit. Produced extensive effect in the industry. For current exhibit can lay good foundation. Support an unit: Luck brings city people government Luck installs bureau of collaboration of city foreign trade economy Luck of China International chamber of commerce installs Zhejiang of city chamber of commerce to save luck to install association of mechanical electron industry Undertake unit: Wen Zhouya rich shows limited company Friendship support: Chamber of commerce of stuff of metal of city of lukewarm state of mechanical Joint Industry Conference of lukewarm state city City of lukewarm state of chamber of commerce of stuff of metal of cervine the city zone is electric guild Steam of lukewarm state city rub match association Chamber of commerce of machine of shoe of lukewarm state city Chamber of commerce of hardware of lukewarm state city Optician of lukewarm state city is met Association of smoking set of lukewarm state city Association of valve of pump of lukewarm state city Media support: Net China hardware purchases golden spider fastener Chinese standard component the net is round-the-world fastener net Chinese screw and wire this net of hardware of whole world of general bedspring website
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