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The 16th China (Chongqing) exhibition of international industry equipment
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China western industrial year grand meeting -- China International industry is exhibited 16Th China International Industry FairExhibition of equipment of industry of the 16th China International --Fastener, bedspring and mechanical foundation exhibit On November 5, 2008 - 7 days, chinese · Chongqing exhibits central the corresponding period to hold: China Industrial Subcontracting of exhibition of subcontract of industry of 2008 China International&Technology of Outsourcing Fair 2008 and commerce pay equal attention to -- government of people of city of federation · Chongqing sponsors machinist course of study of China of · of ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China of · of unit of support of concept of production of equipment of innovation China industry machinist Cheng of unit · China learns (CMES) undertakes foreign trade Economic Commission of city of unit · Chongqing, famous city of national history culture, the economic center of area of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, urban and rural in the center of the oversize that plan as a whole municipality directly under the Central Government, the base of modern manufacturing industry with important country, famous " of autocycle " and " car famous city " , in China western industrial group has powerful appeal force, region market is mature with each passing day. Fastener, bedspring and relevant technology and equipment are reached in Chongqing western area front is facing unprecedented development opportunity. For fastener of contented our country and bedspring technology equipment upgrade, contented fastener bedspring and mechanical foundation the product is in the demand of car, autocycle, mechanical, electron, aviation, spaceflight, building and relevant industry domain, stimulative product imports and exports, we are in especially " exhibition of equipment of industry of the 16th China International " on hold " CIF2008 China (Chongqing) international fastener, bedspring and mechanical foundation exhibit " , build for trade unit a mutual communication and purchase the platform that order goods. By Chinese machinist Cheng is learned (CMES) fair of sponsorred China International industry (CIF) it is to be in China equipment major exhibits the industry with the longest run time meeting. Foster through abidance of 15 years, already formed " technology and commerce pay equal attention to " exhibit meeting characteristic, attracted those who come from many nations of countrywide each district and world tens of 10 thousand major buy the home, exhibit meeting data to already exhibited authoritative orgnaization AUMA to be released publicly by Germany for years continuously, it is international on accepted famous exhibit one of meetings. Be Chongqing accumulate contain tremendous market business chance, CIF holds this one good luck to will be held for a long time in Chongqing, strive to develop to be Chongqing and China western the important equipment of base of manufacturing industry of area construction world supports platform. ■ exhibit meeting program to report for duty cloth exhibits: Showed time to 4 days on November 3, 2008: Exhibited business to remove to 7 days on November 5, 2008 exhibit: On November 7, 2008 16: 00 exhibit meeting site later: Chongqing exhibits a center, garden of division of new and high division 4 269 ■ exhibition limits
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