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2008 international fastener, bedspring reachs special equipment exhibition
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Exhibit date: Shanghai new international read extensively on October 27, 2008 center

Constituent unit

Han Nuowei of Germany of association of general component industry shows Chinese machine Hannuowei shows the company (Shanghai) limited company

Support an unit

Chinese machine 0 assist machine of China of bedspring major society 0 assist society of pulverous metallurgy major

European gear and Manufacturers Association of transmission spare parts (EUROTRANS)

Association of dealer of European motivation drive (EPTDA)

Federation of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment (VDMA) committee of project of subordinate motivation drive

Italian gear and transmission component make society

American gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)

Korea metal industry is combined in coordination

Association of Japanese pulverous metallurgy

Consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan area screw

Association of trade of Taiwan area screw

Association of trade of Hong Kong screw

Limits of item on display


1.1 common bolt reach nut

Bolt of 1.2 high strenth reachs nut

Bolt of 1.3 high accuracy reachs nut

All sorts of 1.4 abnormity fastener

Model of alloy of 1.5 stainless steel, titanium, steel the special function fastener such as composite material

1.6 attack bolt and wallboard hammer oneself
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