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Rolled steel encyclopedia
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" rolled steel encyclopedia " include: Rolled steel is basic knowledge, steel grade and technical condition, general profiled bar, special profiled bar, railroad uses steel, cold curved profiled bar, wire, armor plate, metal strip, electrician to use silicon steel thin stencil steel, seamless steel tube, solder the 15 parts such as steel tube, steel wire, wire rope. Content involves rolled steel standard the substantival term such as heat treatment of organization of stuff of technical properties of stuff of commonly used term and metallic stuff performance characteristics, metal and experiment, metal, metal; Rolled steel, metal orders goods catalog; The brand of the steel of our country and abroad states the brand of method and each country steel contrasts; Weight calculates rolled steel theory; Commonly used letter reachs a mark; Law devise a stratagem measures unit and conversion of commonly used unit; Quality of the classification of all sorts of rolled steel, code name, dimension, brand and chemical composition, mechanical function, technical properties, macrostructure, microstructure, surface, pack, certificate of mark, quality. Have data full and accurate, content rich, use reliable, weave science, use convenient wait for a characteristic.

Press of industry of Chinese building materials October 1994 the first edition

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