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Data of commonly used metal is economic manual
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Content brief introduction: This book content includes the classification of metallic stuff, name of our country steely product represents a means, our country iron and steel produces the composition of brand name
With the structure, interconnected system of steely product name, system of digital code name, the brand that wait, model, code name reachs steel, cast iron, profiled bar, armor plate, steel tube, steel wire and wire rope supply knowledge, nonferrous metal brand represents method and example, computation of action of relevant noun, element, academic weight, legal unit of measurement shows a sign correctly, supply in commonly used rolled steel answer to wait clearly with control main item in business. Except have a data new, weave outside compendious and reasonable, straightaway, practical characteristic, still increased Bao Gang to basically produce brand name and building materials industry to wait for the knowledge of rolled steel product that has industry distinguishing feature, the explanatory note that made detailed palpability to the meaning of the symbol such as the letter in metallic stuff brand, model, code name, number and specification, can solve the real problem in the job not only, still can acquire relevant knowledge from which, it is the vocational study reference book of a rare. This book can be produced for rolled steel, use, working personnel of staff of current department management, business, foreign trade staff member is used, also can reach for place of courtyard of relevant scientific research professional teachers and students is referenced related universities and colleges.


The classification of one metal stuff
(One) the integrated classification of steel
(2) the classification of rolled steel
(3) the classification of cast iron
(4) the classification of ferroalloy
(5) the classification of nonferrous metal
Name of steely product of 2 our country represents a means
(One) basic principle
(2) the specific provision that the brand represents a means
(3) produce those who taste a brand to represent a means to comment to our country iron and steel
(4) the composition of name of our country steely product and structure
(5) " steely product name integrates system of digital code name " brief introduction
Knowledge of brand of 3 steel, cast iron
(One) cast iron.
(2) steel of carbolic element structure
(3) steel of structure of low alloy high strenth
(4) solder the structure is used be able to bear or endure Hou Gang
(5) steel of structure of Gao Naihou sex
(6) steel of structure of element of high grade carbon
(7) alloy structure steel
(8) steel of easy cutting structure
(9) spring steel
(10) scroll bearing steel
(11) steel of carbolic element tool
(12) alloy tool steel
(13) steel of high speed tool
(14) hull uses structural steel
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