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Commonly used material fast check fast calculate manual
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Title: Commonly used material fast check fast calculate manual (the second edition)

Chief editor: Ceng Zhengming

Publication date: In June 2005

Press: Machinist trade publishing house

ISBN date: 7-111-09559-6

Fix a price: ¥ 38

850mm*1168mm//65 leaves / / 17.875 seal / / 2 foldout / / 742 1000 words

◆ [content summary]
This book pressworks for the first time from January 2002 depend on, still be less than 3 years up to now, already pressworked in succession issue amount to 44000, be published the commending of total arrange by national news, be maintained to be book of domestic popular science and technology. After hearing this one welcome news, the author also is invigorated, try to revise again on original book foundation contented, adjust perfect, edit the second edition more the high-quality goods book that gets a reader to love.

Standards of the brand of of all kinds material, performance and unit quality were listed in the book, in order to offer fast check; The colleague listed again consensus of simple and easy computation, in order to have fast calculate.

This book is divided in all it is 4, 23 chapters.
The first basically has commonly used unit of measurement and conversion, commonly used area, bulk is formulary.
The 2nd main and handsome steel, armor plate and metal strip, steel tube, steel wire and wire rope.
The 3rd basically has material of material of nonferrous metal, ingot, plank, strip, foil, canal, great ability, wire.
The 4th basically has balata, plastic, lumber, petroleum products, painting (paint) , cement, glass and asbestine.

The computational formula of quality of the conversion that introduced all sorts of units to the point, material and each other reduction coefficient. Elaborated quality of the brand of all sorts of metal stuff, function, norms, unit systematically, volume of the sawn timber in material, cement the intensity of each age. Listed to every kinds of metalloid material crucial secretary, choose in order to offer. Anyhow, this is one concerns commonly used material fast check fast calculate manual.

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