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" bedspring diction dictionary (6 mandarin character) "
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In article of successive former Japanese, peaceful, Indonesia article, Chinese and English 5 mandarin character " bedspring diction dictionary " on the foundation of advantage and experience, the bedspring organization that Japanese bedspring industry organizes concerned country, expert and scholar induct standard of relevant country bedspring in time the advanced technique of newest term and bedspring, completed the 6 mandarin word that contains Han Wen inside " bedspring diction dictionary " write with publication job.

Countrywide bedspring standardized committee to organize careful school working group, finished " bedspring diction dictionary (6 mandarin character) " the standardization careful school of Chinese part works, make " bedspring diction dictionary (6 mandarin character) " the bedspring term phase of Chinese part and active standard all the time, answer relatively with the idiomatic understanding of bedspring industry.

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