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Air bedspring reachs his to control a system
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Air bedspring is to use airy condensability to alleviate vibration and percussive are decreased one kind brace up, vibration isolation device. Whole book workpoint 9 chapters, principle of the development history that basically introduced air spring, job and steel leap the good point that cannot be likened to; Program of the derivation with air bedspring formulary theory, computation and design method; The classification of air bedspring; The controls system and air bedspring application of air bedspring; The principle that introduced a few kinds of height to dominate a powerful person or family at the same time, structure and experiment method, brief introducing the computation of the standard of air bedspring and reduce expenditure aperture. The academic formula in the book is integrated partly domestic and international whole formula, try to enrich, offerred new argument, ever was in home and Japan to publish, already by Japanese income " railroad technology document excerptions " in. This book content explain the profound things in a simple way, integration of theory with practice, argumentation is detailed, facilitate read.


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The first chapter is summarized

The characteristic of bedspring of air of the 2nd chapter

The stiffness of bedspring of air of the 3rd chapter is formulary

The classification of bedspring of air of the 4th chapter

The design of bedspring of air of the 5th chapter

The control system of bedspring of air of the 6th chapter

The standard of bedspring of air of the 7th chapter reachs a trial

The computation of diameter of aperture of reduce expenditure of the 8th chapter
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