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The demand of machine tool and mould is huge
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Current, china produces big country as global home appliance, its scale of production still is expanding ceaselessly, make home appliance trade huge to the demand dimensions of a large amount of raw material. Come from the data of association of Chinese electric home appliances
What electric home appliances
All sorts of numerical control punching machine are one of machine tools with main treatment of industry of electric home appliances
Numerical control is mixed to the punched hole that cuts compound machine to be able to finish board makings, figuration cut, suit after foreword to the turn loses the panel treatment of working procedure especially. Multitask foreword is common system of a numerical control, hydraulic pressure system and send makings manipulator, rush to cut machine stand-alone to compare even the line with horn with numerical control, can reduce installation cost not only, economic cover an area of an area, reduce fault rate, and still can serve as lead plane composition to rush cut compound and flexible treatment line.

Electric home appliances
Laser beam cutting machine also is one of main machine tools that electric equipment component machines. It does not need a mould, punch treatment can be replaced in production of small lot, complex part, and locomotive cost low Wu Shu controls punching machine. Home has representative manufacturing company is Jinan nimble strides numerical control company.
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