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The data of ceaseless refresh, the positive change that explained industry of ma
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Zhu Sen of executive vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference expressed a few days ago, before this year 5 months, our country accumulative total manufactures numerical control machine tool 44 thousand, grow 30.8% compared to the same period. Began in March from this year, output of month of numerical control machine tool already jumped on 10 thousand step, predicting annual crop can amount to 100 thousand above.

Successive 6 years, gross value of industrial output of industry of tool of our country machine tool and sales revenue with of 27% average growth of year of increase rate high speed, delegate equipment manufacturing industry is advanced numerical control machine tool of the level is to carry 30% above increase rate more. Begin from 2005, homebred machine tool is had in home market rate is progressively pick up, achieved 2006 44.8% , than going up year of the corresponding period rise 5.1 percent. The machine tool of high-grade numerical control that our country develops independently has begun to enter aerospace, shipping to make stage by stage, petrifaction and equipment of large power station, metallurgy equipment, car is made wait for main production field, got the user is approbated stage by stage. To this, total a secretary in charge of sth of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool grows Wu Bailin to think, "This is we are in those who obtain in the competition with course of study of developed country machine tool. "This is we are in those who obtain in the competition with course of study of developed country machine tool..

Meanwhile, the exit amplitude of machine tool of homebred numerical control begins to import amplitude more than. 2006, numerical control machine tool exports 334 million dollar, grow 63.1% compared to the same period; The import rises 11% compared to the same period, amplitude drops somewhat. Before this year 5 months, numerical control machine tool exports 160 million dollar, grow 42.23% compared to the same period. With circumstance photograph was compared 2006, entrance speed is putting delay further, exit rate is increasing further. 2006, 2 machine tools are Jinan offer company offerred American heart to own completely own intellectual property, have 5000 tons of of the most advanced level world heavy-duty multitask compressor; The much home company such as power horse of family name of company of group of 2 machine tools and Holand, a person of extraordinary powers signed Qiqihaer product of TK6920 of 1.516 million euro heavy-duty numerical control exports a contract, realized product of homebred and heavy-duty numerical control to be hit into the new breakthrough of European market.

"The excellent performance of machine tool of Chinese numerical control, won the market and beauty for enterprise of Chinese machine tool not only praise, effectively proved the comprehensive strength of industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control, it is the competitive structure that changed market of high end of machine tool of international numerical control and posture more, let foreign person of the same trade must be looked at with new eyes to Chinese machine tool. " Yu Chengting not without deep feeling.
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