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Stainless steel has made one of material with circular top utilization rate
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Stainless steel has made one of material with circular top utilization rate, from theoretic tell, if useless steel capacity is sufficient, stainless steel smelt can use useless steel entirely. However, durable one of main advantages that are stainless steel, stainless steel structure and product can use very long a long time.

At the same time the demand of stainless steel achieves the history top level, the developing country infrastructure such as China, India needs a large number of stainless steel. To satisfy this one requirement, the dosage of original raw material grows ceaselessly, reduced useless steel to compare.

The demand of rolled steel can tend finally gently, the stainless steel that uses at present will become prospective renewable resources, the proportion that holds in total demand will be higher, accordingly, scale of useless in the stainless steel production henceforth steel can increase. Cross 20 ~ 30 years to abandon steel capacity to will grow considerably again, because of,the stainless steel that uses because of nowadays is met after a few years dated and be updated. Current, the useless steel origin of the user basically is 60 ~ the product of 70 time, the dosage of stainless steel is apparent at that time under now.

Yale problem is " the dominant position of the sources of energy that stainless steel uses circularly " research report is published in energy policy (on EnergyPolicy) , no less than reports place makes clear, higher second birth utilization rate has clear environmental advantage. Can fall in current yield, the whole world produces stainless steel of 17 million tons of austenite, in whole production cycle, one-time the sources of energy is used up for 9 × 1017 joule, carbon dioxide discharge capacity is 61 million tons. Produce than undertaking by current useless steel, with use primitive resource to produce photograph comparing only, one-time the sources of energy is used up decrease about 33% , carbon dioxide decreases a platoon about 32% . If stainless steel uses the production that abandon steel entirely (it is hypothesis) merely, but energy-saving 67% , carbon dioxide decreases a platoon 70% .

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