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Numerical control machine tool produces per year a quantity to predict to achiev
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Cui Xixin of secretary-general of guild of the non-traditional machine tool that occupy town introduces, the our city has the machine tool of cut of numerical control line of the 85 dimensions on the home to produce a business, enterprise of form a complete set exceeds 100, industry of machine tool of cut of numerical control line already formed certain assemble effect, walk along crop of machine tool of silk thread cut quickly to take the throughout the country among them " half of country " . Last year in November, the our city is named to be by guild of tool of Chinese machine tool " the navigate land that electric treatment machine tool makes and assemble area " . Numerical control machine tool produces per year a quantity to predict to achieve 30 thousand this year, realize production value 1.2 billion yuan of above.
"Although machine tool of cut of line of our city numerical control produces a business much, crop is big, but in the past because product technology content is common not tall, the development that restricted a trade expands. " city classics trade appoint concerned personage analysis says, the macroscopical adjusting control since last year, the transition of industry of numerical control machine tool that is an our city upgrades offerred chance -- , rise in price as a result of raw material, company profit space is oppressed, "Force " enterprises of many numerical control machine tool increase is devoted, wash out old product, introduce the new product of hi-tech content, high additional cost.
SamSung machinery creates limited company is one is having 10 perennial to produce the business of line cut machine tool, before this, the issue with product ageing, small benefit is very outstanding. "If rely on old product to make the world only, the enterprise is afraid maintain no less than going to early. " Wang Yanqiu both hands spreads out, only outlet is to strengthen machine tool technology to innovate independently, adjust product structure.
This year in May, they and Tsinghua university combination founded project of science and technology to design a center, development gives a series of new products. Current, milling machine of numerical control of machining center of the machine tool of cut of molded lines of whole sealing environmental protection with this company taller benefit, vertical, high speed, Long Menxi already threw batch to produce, among them price of every big dragon door mill amounts to many yuan 300. Of high-tech climb quickly device and machine of ultrasonic flaw detection are clutching in development. Latter is used at rail and large section to wear structural architectural safety to explore, every price can amount to 6 million yuan.
"We hold to a walking on two legs now, it is machine of common thread cut spells low end with the price the market, 2 it is with high-tech the product occupies collar height to carry the market. 2 it is with high-tech the product occupies collar height to carry the market..

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