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American Lee Spring bedspring
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A person of extraordinary powers of Shenzhen city state amounts to trade limited company is total representative of Hua Na borough of China of limited company of spring of American Lee Spring, the product passes attestation of European Union ROHS. Limited company of spring of Lee Spring of world-renowned brand United States, found from 1918 up to now, already accumulated experience of research and development of 90 years of of all kinds bedspring, production, have more than 16, inventory of merchandise on hand of 000 kinds of bedspring, supply the whole world directly many 60 thousand client. All is in bedspring, we can be supplied in time, 10 above can order goods. If you need bedspring of custom-built and special norms to reach kind of spring, hang down please ask, we can be in fulfil American native land factory for a short while, team of powerful expert of Lee Spring bedspring will provide the most excellent service.

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