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Supply: Turbination bedspring
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Limited company of spring of Jin Cheng turbination of city of chaste tree state is one specializations produce all sorts of car seat to move part implement, turbination bedspring, glass rises fall implement, turbination bedspring, the normalization enterprise of the series product such as all sorts of clockwork spring bedspring, be located in ancient city of the Three Kingdoms, city of chaste tree state, plant area reposes garden of industry of sanded city developing zone, the environment is beautiful, communication is easy. The company is in employee 100 much people, among them of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning hold employee sum total 29% above. Of intermediate title above hold employee sum total 26% above. High-level administrator is the expert that pursues bedspring trade more than 20 years. Having rich and theoretical foundation and practice experience to the research of turbination bedspring, the company will is with the person this, science and technology innovates, exhibit jointly. . Our company are one furniture has research and development, design, the enterprise of engineering capability, level of management is advanced, take the lead in citing in course of study of domestic person of the same trade abroad is the most advanced manufacturing engineering technology, strong voice of development application 65Mn (oil hardening) flat silk material and technology of processing of saponification of product surface phosphor, at the same time own and brand-new the design makes equipment of special form a complete set, if programmed control coils spring product line, fill domestic blank; is adjustable heat systematic product line, product of new generation of company of domestic initiate; , precision is tall, performance is steady, efficient low cost, applying to large quantities of quantities to produce is product of first selection of domestic and international manufacturer. The company is development innovation, conform with international, already passed attestation of international quality system, it is member of society of countrywide bedspring major and net of countrywide automobile industry, the product line of 9 turbination spring with the most advanced course of study of person of the same trade of company existing country, and deployed home's most advanced number to show torsional machine and fatigue experiment machine to wait detect equipment, agree with each car seat moves part implement reach glass to rise fall implement manufacturer is right the demand of turbination bedspring. Our company year of productivity 10 million above, welcome incoming telegram of domestic and international manufacturer, come contain, purpose of presence company company: Quality overweight life, sincere letter represents character. Company quality guiding principle: It is with the person this, science and technology innovates, develop jointly

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