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BR754 quarto machine of 4 kinds of offset is summary of company of boreal person
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This machine automation rate is high, use operation of screen of PLC control, feeling, own system of wet system of automatic lubricant system, successive alcohol embellish, pneumatic separation and reunion, can come true horary 12000 pieces high speed pressworks, most great seal brushs paper to be 750X520mm, paper ply is 0.04, 0.5mm, suit to presswork very much domestic paper.

The design is with the person this, measure size adjustment to wait through feeling screen to realize layout self-correcting, water, greatly managing operation and settling time.
BR754 quarto machine of 4 kinds of offset, apply to presswork the high-grade color presswork such as all sorts of example, pictorial, poster, picture, cover, suit to pack especially presswork.

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