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Is those who strengthen heat treatment energy-saving what to basically have with
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The specific power consumption of our country heat treatment is very tall, contaminative environment is serious, what strengthen heat treatment so is energy-saving with environmental protection already was the urgent affairs in the industry, the way that solves a problem basically has:

(1) is used efficient and energy-saving if the heat treatment equipment with advanced heat treatment advanced equipment is multi-purpose furnace, vacuum furnace, net belt furnace, ionic nitrogen changes furnace to wait, these equipment are in assure quality of spare parts heat treatment while, also obtained the result of energy-saving environmental protection. To heat treatment furnace, the arrange donor that can accept wants to have: Logical alternative the sources of energy, logical choice furnace, continuous furnace is better than periodic type furnace, example of circle the chamber of a stove or furnace the chamber of a stove or furnace is good; Make full use of more than heat (the one furnace of the bell furnace that be like a bell overspreads much heat stage to make full use of one kind namely the energy-saving furnace that furnace overspreads more than heat) ; Optimize design of structure of body of heater, reduce hot loss, improve thermal efficiency; Use accumulation of heat as far as possible the lining of light simple fireproof stuff with little, good thermal insulation, if use fireproof fiber to undertake energy-saving design to lining, use structure of sealed body of heater, prevent flat with induction air; Of combustion process optimize, logical choice and control combustion coefficient; Use coating of infra-red radiate coating, use at light qualitative brick and fibrous compound lining but energy-saving 50% the left and right sides, use at fuel furnace but energy-saving 10% ~ 30% , heating up time reduces 20% ~ 40% ; The loss of quantity of heat that reduces heat treatment to be versed in clamping apparatus place is caused.

(2) uses the step that efficient and energy-saving heat treatment technology can take to basically have: Craft of figuration of forge of strict control casting improves microstructure, decrease or cancel certain conditioning treatment; Make full use of the more than heat after foreword of casting, forging undertakes handling; Use the surface or local heat treatment to replace integral heat treatment; Accelerate thermo-chemical treatment process: Raise activation of surface of aura of cementite temperature, straight unripe formula, metal to urge ooze technology, ionic bombard (ionic ooze C, N) , the chemical technology that urge ooze (rare earth urges ooze standard) ; Reasonable regulation surface is effective and sclerotic layer deepness; The nitrogen that use carbon in all ooze replaces cementite, the thermo-chemical treatment that falls with ferrite condition replaces the thermo-chemical treatment below austenite condition; Inferior the two-phase area of eutectoid steel heats quench; H2 is used to replace ammonia to decompose atmosphere in the annealing furnace that overspread type, improve heat to transfer a process, improve productivity; Shorten of structural steel heat heat preservation time; When bearing steel, tool steel, high-speed steel uses high temperature weak point fast anneal; Technology of applied computer simulation and computer trends control a technology, optimize heat treatment process, in order to realize high grade, efficient, cleanness and accurate heat treatment.
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