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Affect the main factor of numerical control system and commercialization of nume
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System of influence numerical control and the main factor with numerical control commercial machine tool are mixed except specifications outside the function, more important is dependability, stability is mixed practical. Before, the research of technology of a few numerical control and product, development department door, what what go after often is a few index that reflect technical level (like how many passageway, how many axis linkage, minutely how many meters feed speed is waited a moment) , and practical to the influence a few index take seriously not quite however with a few small issues, the energy that in the stability of the product, rash club gender, dependability, practical aspect spends is opposite less. Appear thereby the level when certain product appraisal is very high, also win all sorts of large award even. But these high index, high-powered product is behaved as a result of a few small issues however user where fare badly, lost credit finally, cannot open the market. This explains, the practical, reliable goods that the product of high index, high-powered model model needs truly from the user has quite large space, high index, high-powered product turns into a merchandise that has the market still needs to make a large number of tough effort.

On the other hand, numerical control system and home appliance of unlike of numerical control machine tool kind product in that way easily big batch production, applied environment is so not simple also. Numerical control product is use in producing an environment, those who be faced with is multifarious technology issue. If develop a branch to master so that do not appear to these problems, get products plan hard very perfect. And the certain problem of numerical control product is in development, try out, discover hard when appraisal even. This is caused, the numerical control machine tool of same type is in some users there move very well, and in other user there behave however owe beautiful. The numerical control machine tool of same perhaps type is used at machining certain part to work very well, but when be being used at machining other part, fare badly however. Appear this kind of circumstance, it is the horizontal problem of user operation personnel sometimes, but it is itself of numerical control product sometimes of potential problem expose. To solve this one problem, a few companies of foreign created the product that special orgnaization will come to check him test, if be the numerical control system of test new development, him manufacturer is designed and from production actual in collected a large number of part program, let numerical control system run various programs, once discover a problem, feedback to give to development department door instantly namely solve. After passing such test test course, the potential problem of numerical control system decreases greatly. Before, our product undertakes so strict comprehensive ego checks test rarely. Better problem wants when the user goes coming to our winkle. Such, although a small issue also will affect the reputation of product of homebred numerical control badly.
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