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The high rate that numerical control machine tool machines, high accuracy also m
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One, it is at present in the enterprise, especially the principle that cadre of the basic level technical staff in the state-owend enterprise, management machines to numerical control machine tool, character to numerical control system does not understand, the work out that processes craft and order to the spare parts is not close, cannot weave needle logarithm dominates the machine program with the treatment craft of machine tool spare parts and scientific strong sex, also cannot have scientific government to numerical control equipment. Advanced treatment method, backward administrative measure huge affected the play of efficiency of numerical control machine tool.

2, personnel of numerical control operation comes from average machine treatment for the most part, culture quality is uneven, the train of thought that common device machines the apply mechanically in the application of equipment accuses in logarithm, the choice of parameter of the choice of cutting tool of the character to cutting of high speed of numerical control machine tool, numerical control, cutting lacks scientific sex, the actor bad of machine program and the on any account that increase labor efficiency depend on completely the discretion of jockey person quality, also cannot the produces numerical control equipment treatment efficiency of utmost.

3, as a result of specific reason, of numerical control equipment introduce a system multifarious, equipment class is not neat, the application that gives technical personnel, operation staff and process designing bring very great difficulty. Restricted the move treatment of the spare parts greatly.

4, average systematic memory size is not very big, when sort of treatment spare parts is various, much machine program is deleted because of what cannot store and must undertake iteration and key in, limited systematic natural resources cannot store even sometimes the machine program of a complete complex part. Frequent reduplicative spare parts prepared the job to waste many working hours, affected the efficiency of numerical control machine tool directly. Machine program weaves repeatedly the stability that also affected a program.

5, because much machine program is use handiwork,weave, the computation to sophisticated range is hard to assure its accuracy, also be hard to make sure the treatment of the spare parts asks, appear even reject.

6, the local area network that the enterprise built him for the most part now, used CAD/CAM CAD and computer to assist process designing software in great quantities in the computer. And the enterprise also is implementing CIMS management system stage by stage now, but the environment that basic level lack and superstratum Technical Division join, consequently the strong support of unavailable Technical Division.

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