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Presswork the adjustment of pressure, to pressworking the influence of quality
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Presswork the adjustment of pressure, to pressworking of quality affect
Presswork pressure is the main factor that implementation print changes equably, presswork ideally Chinese ink layer originates presswork balancedly moderately pressure. Generally speaking, bear imprint substance appearance is coarse, presswork when width of cloth is old, presswork pressure also should be increased accordingly. But in be being operated actually, cannot add great seal to brush pressure to come blindly the visual effect that full footprint tastes Chinese ink layer. Presswork pressure is moved overweightly, accelerated machine and forme not only wear away, and easy generation overprint misses accurate appearance. Because presswork,this is when pressure is too great, can make printed sheet is out of shape on one hand, make imprint taste layout to appear play big phenomenon, cause overprint to forbid; On the other hand, presswork pressure is too great, the certainly will when embossing produces oppressive sex to help motive force to the printed sheet on platen, cause printed sheet from inside the tooth that hold paper outside slippage, can make fixed position of the compasses before printed sheet flabby, appear slant small phenomenon. To avoid the happening of this kind of undesirable consequence, the pressure of relief printing adjusts the circumstance with should be measured normal for Chinese ink in layout to fall, by light and heavy gradually pressurization, well and truly attune goes to such ability to presswork appropriately pressure, ensure thereby presswork quality.
Forme bottom is held in the palm not solid, flatness, compressive strength difference is caused presswork forbid
The edition that relief printing uses is held in the palm (stick edition bottom to hold in the palm) hardness and precision how, affecting a product greatly presswork precision. If use traditional agglutination edition,the edition of on-the-spot relief printing holds appropriative old width of cloth in the palm, be spent as a result of the flatness of plywood, prison and fight press function to differ and easy happening to compress be out of shape, pressworking the certainly will in the process because pressure not all or the bottom is held in the palm empty and add great seal to brush pressure, this is caused easily imprint taste layout to be out of shape, make imprint publication face is more than actual edition appearance. In addition, because wooden bottom is held in the palm,have an old unit of length for measuring land easily, the printed sheet hard to avoid that in embossing platen gnash one's teeth holds is met shake because of the minim of forme or move and generation slippage, cause product overprint to break accurate. Accordingly, pressworking the forme what is appropriate to the occasion with big, great pressure uses width of cloth magnetic plate bed or aluminous qualitative edition are held in the palm stick edition, such but better land assures product overprint precision.

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