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Magnetism shedding changes damper is a kind of parts of an apparatus that can co
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Compare with photograph of system of traditional car suspension, change of magnetism shedding the damp force that the system of half active suspension of damper can move condition to issue self-adjusting damper in the control of the computer according to road surface state and car, the comfortable sex that raises a car greatly and security of drive a vehicle [1, 2] . Magnetism shedding changes the working principle of damper is the magnetic field that the electric current in changing excitation coil gains different strength thereby, the magnetism that makes working antrum medium flows change the character of going from place to place of fluid produces change, change the size of damp force thereby.

Accordingly, controller wants to be able to adjust accurately in real time only magnetism shedding changes the drive electric current of damper, can obtain control magnetism shedding changes the purpose of damper. Via document retrieval, did not see magnetism shedding changes domestic and internationally the report that the voltaic controller of damper designs. The website according to American LOAD company is newest issuance information, LOAD company has developed the Rheonetic series magnetism that went out to apply to LOAD company to produce to flow change the voltaic controller RD-3002 of parts of an apparatus. It can work to be moved in the hand adjust and extra voltage control adjusts below two kinds of means, can make closed-loop control system with the computer or PLC. RD-3002 needs adscititious 12V, the power source of 2A, adscititious control voltage: 0~5V, export electricity: 0~2A. But their method without the principle that announces a design and implementation.

Company of apparatus of American heart state (Texas Instrument) the calm dot that roll out signal of 16 current figures handles chip TMS320F240, use improve haing Buddha composition, the bus line of program memory and data memory is apart, can utmost increases processing capacity. Control a demand to suit industry, f240 is compositive a lot of peripheral, include 3 16 general timer, 12 carry output of PWM of dead band pilot, double channel 10 A/D input, circuit of serial communication interface and Watchdog, PLL. Accordingly, we make full use of the hardware resource of F240, according to PWM signal control switch parts of an apparatus adjusts voltaic principle, smoothly design gives magnetism shedding to change of damper controller, and the powerful processing capability of F240 is the system will expand henceforth take superabundant land. The magnetism that DSP is based on detailed introduction below flows change the design principle of the controller of damper and control method.

RS is sampling resistor, KI0 expresses to output voltaic sampling, k is gain coefficient, KI0 inputs the A/D mouth with compositive DSP, after DSP has operation to sampling signal, take the PWM signal that compares for nothing certainly according to controlling politic output accordingly, control advocate the size of output electric current of loop.
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