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Fuji applies number of color of happy type of production to presswork systematic
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DocuColor IGen3 is Fuji throughout history handles Shi Le and presswork speed the chromatic number that best, can and photograph of traditional offset print rival quality of picture of the fastest, color pressworks system, its roll out it is quality of chromatic number black-and-white and dependability set not only new standard, also drove a number to presswork further rapid development of the technology.
Efficient production, fast meet an emergency
"Love general " be born first will odd piece of paper color number presswork of the system presswork speed promotion comes minutely 110 imprint, namely of A4 dimension presswork speed can be as high as horary 6600 pieces, realized digital black-and-white revolutionary productivity.
"Love general " used original creation " wisdom imprint " technology (SmartPress TechnologyTM) , can be opposite every pieces of paper in pressworking undertakes Mo Hecheng resembles adjusting working, although the paper of different type is used in pressworking, also won't affect presswork speed, reduce productivity then, keep demand of black-and-white of number of type of production really correctly. What be worth to be carried more is, the user is preparation, dry before time need not be spent to undertake imprinting before pressworking reach manual cent the page is bound, can be in by the client's demand the shortest presswork the consign inside cycle works.
"Love general " can with Internet connection, refer from long-range exercise, proof sheet and by need to presswork to be able to be based on flow of digital black-and-white work and finish.

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