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How to choose spring steel silk
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How to choose spring steel silk 1Choose steel wire by utility Standard: Answer when the steel wire that order according to utility from the watch the steel wire level with 1 appropriate choice. Mechanical bedspring is recommended use ISO 8458-2 level (lead quenchs steel wire) . Quench through lead the steel wire of processing has very petty pearlite organization, fatigue performance is good. Blame machinery bedspring can be used unripe pull steel wire (do not undertake lead quenchs before drawing processing) , recommend use YB/T 5220-93 or JIS G3521 level, can use at mat of * of saddle of furniture, steam, interior decoration, stress not tall static hold spring, also can use at strengthening plastic conduit, screen mesh and tool to wait. The choice is unripe pull steel wire to do mechanical bedspring to may appear the problem such as fatigue life inadequacy. Express 1 bedspring type and standard of spring steel silk contrast citing of ASTM of United States of JIS of Japan of standard of China of standard of bedspring type international is not mechanical bedspring - reed of YB/T 5220-93 G3521 A407 mattess, door reed is static carry mechanical bedspring ISO 8458-2:2The mechanical stage clip with general 002 SL/SM/SH GB 4357-89 G3521 SW-A/B/C A227, extension spring is dynamic and mechanical bedspring ISO 8458-2:2Reed of 002 DM/DH GB/T 4358-1995 G3522 SWP-A/B A228 valve is not recommended use GB 4357-89 level, this standard was aimed at dynamic the requirement that He Jingzai needs to put forward to differ, do not have a regulation to whether needing lead to quench, the regulation of phosphorous sulfur content and standard of domestic and international wire rod are abhorrent also. Level: According to the watch the utility of 2 can choose appropriate steel wire level. The level of steel wire of number of corresponding relation level that expresses 2 standards, level and utility classifies ISO 8458-2 of corresponding steel wire utility: 2002 EN 10270-1: 2001 SL (1.00-10.00mm) low intensity SM (0.30-13.00mm) moderate strength SH (0.30-20.00mm) high strenth DM (0.30-20.00mm) moderate strength DH (0.05-20.00mm) tall stress is static in high strenth dead load bedspring carry or seldom get dynamic bedspring tall stress is static carry or spend gently dynamic; Reach acuteness bent tall stress is static carry or of moderate level dynamic low stress of bedspring JIS G 3521-91 SW-A (0.08-10.0mm) SW-B (0.08-13.0mm) SW-C (0.08-13.0mm) is static carry bedspring and other steel wire basically be dead load bedspring, screen mesh basically be JIS G 3522-91 of dead load bedspring (GB/T 4358-1995 and this equivalent) SWP-A (0.08-10.0mm) 2Note The spring steel that order should notice the following when silk: 1) is made clear is to use unripe pull steel wire or lead to quench steel wire; 2) raises level of steel wire diameter, intensity (group not) reach standard mark (by the watch 1.1 choices) requirement; If 3) has special strength, diameter to allow the requirement such as the error to should put forward (standard parameter is in the 2nd pass an imperial examination 3 parts) ; 4) is special pack reach a mark to ask (see 1.4) ; Bedspring of 5) carbon steel suits to be in highest and long-term temperature works below 121 ℃ condition, more working temperature should choose alloy spring steel.
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