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Goodyear "spring" R & D Award by the tire
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Goodyear and NASA (NASA) jointly developed the spring tire, recently obtained a large R & D Award hundred (R & D 100 Award). With the "Innovation Oscar" the reputation of this award is the technology content of the spring and the Goodyear tire innovation recognition. No inflatable, this tire can carry a large range detection vehicles, walking and other celestial bodies at the surface of the moon or Mars. And before the Apollo moon exploration vehicle (LRV), compared with the tires, Goodyear tires spring constituted by the spring bearing 800, can carry large-scale lunar vehicles, traveling farther to explore a wider range. Not only that, due to this tire practical, is also expected to apply the Earth surface. "In order to increase the carrying capacity and service life, we had the moon carried out a thorough transformation of the tire, developed springs interwoven network design." NASA Glenn Research Center's Project Principal Investigator Vivake Asnani said, "Spring will not tire scrapped because a single point of impact, the impact may result in serious hole puncture pneumatic tires, but tires will damage the spring 800 in a load-bearing spring. " In addition to hard scrap, the spring tire but also possesses the flexibility and durability, driving fast on rough ground, only the small vibrations spread to the body. Last year, the Spring tires were installed on board the NASA electric moon, in the Johnson Space Center's "rock field" successfully passed the driving test. Goodyear R & D project leader Jim Benzing, said, "Spring is not only extremely durable tire, and very low power consumption. Springs and surface contact, all the energy will cause the tire deformation during rebound in the spring to be used again, it will not like ordinary tires generate heat as due to friction. " Traditional rubber tires can not be used on the moon, is the birth of Apollo Tyres, and a new spring the direct cause of the tire. Goodyear engineer, the Japanese lunar surface and back surface at a very cold and extreme heat between the conditions, nature of rubber, significant changes will happen at the same time without blocking the sun's rays cause the aging of rubber, tire risk at any time .
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