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Clutch pressure plate springs identification and quality requirements
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The role of the pressure plate spring is the use of its tension to the clutch pressure plate and clutch plate tightly pressed sub-round, so that reliable delivery of engine power to the drive system. The quality requirements of the pressure plate springs are as follows: 1) Material: pressure plate spring material is steel or 65Mn group Ⅰ, Ⅱ carbon spring steel wire. 2) Hardness: After quenching, tempering the cold coil spring, hardness 44-52HRC should be in the range of hardness of special cases, the selection can be extended to 55HRC. 3) The appearance of the quality requirements: the surface quality of the finished spring should be smooth and free of cracks, scale, corrosion and other defects. Deep out of the cold coil spring material does not allow half of the diameter tolerance of the individual indentations, pits and scratches. 4) processing density a. face roughness of the spring should not be less than 12.5μm. b. polished at both ends of the compression ring and tighten the spring support ring at least polished part of the circumference of a circle 3 / 4, end thickness of not less than the wire diameter of 1 / 8. Flat at both ends of the spring head forging, the end of the first thickness of the wire diameter should be less than 1 / 3, the width of the wire diameter should be not less than 70%. c. According to requirements, you can check the spring pitch unevenness. The 10% tolerance interval, the minimum tolerance value is generally 0.3mm. When the compression spring compressed to 80% of the whole deformation, the normal pitch of the spring ring is Contact. d. ring compression spring and the spring ends of the vertical axis line high degree of tolerance for free 2.5%, the minimum tolerance is 1mm. e. Compression spring axis line of tolerance for vertical straightness tolerance of the half.
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