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Car suspension bedspring(This business chance already expired)
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Limited company of imports and exports of Shenzhen city soft the earth is supplier of component of batholith of European famous car those who be in China purchase a representative, beg now buy car suspension spring, specific technology parameter is as follows: 1) Material: SUP 7 (SAE 9254) Or SUP 9 2) Diameter Of Wire: 10.40 Mm 3) Outside Diameter Of Spring: 105.4 Mm 4) Length: 390 - 7 Mm 5) Number Of Coil: 10.07 - 0.25 Rolls 50 10 thousand / year, ask quoted price of relevant production manufacturer to reach provide product data, many thanks support! Contact: Room gentleman phone: 0755-81614965 fax: 0755-26000257 mailbox: contact: Agree Ren? contacts means: 0755-81614965